Phrasal Verbs

İngilizce Phrasal Verb Testi | Test 9

1. The meeting was so boring that I could hardly _____.

2. It's important to _____ well with your colleagues to have a pleasant work environment.

3. I can't wait to ______ my new clothes! a) b)  c) concentrate d)

4. I can't believe how much work I have to _____ before the deadline.

5. He decided to _____ a new skill to improve his resume.

6. The car _____ in the middle of the road and we had to call a tow truck.

7. It's always hard to _____ a lot of stress at work.

8. I was so surprised to _____ my old friend at the mall.

9. He needs to _____ his confidence before the big presentation.

10. Don't forget to _______ the lights before leaving the house.

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