Phrasal Verbs

İngilizce Phrasal Verb Testi | Test 4

1. Even though she's an adult, she still _______ her mother in many ways.

2. They decided to _______ their old business and start a new one.

3. We accidentally _______ an old photograph while cleaning the attic.

4. After the incident, it took him a while to _______ his confidence.

5. He's trying to _______ some weight by eating healthy.

6. We should _______ early to get good seats at the cinema.

7. She _______ a lot of difficulties before she became successful.

8. You can't just _______ mistakes; you need to learn from them.

9. We had to _______ the event because of the bad weather.

10. It's so difficult to _______ a healthy routine these days.

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