Phrasal Verbs

İngilizce Phrasal Verb Testi | Test 3

1. I have to _______ on my Spanish lessons; I'm falling behind.

2. The car _______ in the middle of the road, so we had to call for help.

3. She tends to _______ old memories when she's feeling nostalgic.

4. We will need to _______ more staff for the upcoming project.

5. She's trying to _______ her fitness by jogging every morning.

6. He always tries to _______ trouble by avoiding controversial topics.

7. We were all surprised when the quietest person in the class decided to _______ and share his ideas.

8. It's important to always _______ your promises.

9. I was late, so I had to _______ the group at the station.

10. I've decided to _______ smoking. It's a bad habit.



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