TOEFL 400 kelime serimizin on ikinci bölümünde “Surgery” başlığına yönelik aşağıdaki 10 kelime derlenmiştir:

  • 1- anaesthesia

anaesthesia (n): anestezi, uyuşturma
The vet anesthetized my cat to take x-rays.
anesthetic (n): anestetik, anestetik ilaç, uyuşturucu ilaç

  • 2- augment

augment (v): artırmak, çoğaltmak, uzatmak
Thomas would have to find work to augment his income.
augmentation (n): artış, artırma, büyüme

  • 3- certifiably

certifiably (adv): resmen tanınan bir şekilde
Anna couldn’t be institutionalized until she was declared certifiably insane.
certify (v): onaylamak, doğrulamak, tasdik etmek
certification (n): belgeleme, onay, onaylama
certificate (n): sertifika
certifiable (adj): onaylanabilir, doğrulanabilir, sertifikalandırılabilir

  • 4- complication

complication (n): komplikasyon, zorluk, karışıklık
If any complications arise, let me know and I’ll help.
complicate (v): ölüm

  • 5- cure

cure (v): iyileştirmek, tedavi etmek
He made wild claims about being able to cure cancer.
cure (n): tedavi, çare, kür

  • 6- implant

implant (v): nakletmek
The soldier was fatally wounded in the battle.
implantation (n): emplantasyon, yerine koyma

  • 7- inject

inject (v): iğne yapmak, enjekte etmek
John’s a diabetic and has to inject himself with insulin every day.
injection (n): enjeksiyon, iğne yapma, enjekte etme

  • 8- obese

obese (adj): obez, aşırı şişman, şişko
Angelina was not just overweight; she was clinically obese.
obesity (n): obezite, aşırı şişmanlık

  • 9- procedure

procedure (n): prosedür, işlem, yöntem
You must follow correct procedure at all times.
proceed (v): ilerlemek
procedural (adj): prosedür ile ilgili, prosedürel

  • 10- scar

scar (n): yara izi, iz, çizik
The surgery was successful, but it left a large scar across his abdomen.
scar (v): iz bırakmak, sıyırmak, çizmek

Yukarıdaki kelimelerle alakalı örnek bir test hazırlanmıştır. Kelimeleri öğrenip öğrenemediğinizi test edebilirsiniz. Teste ulaşmak için “Start” butonuna basabilirsiniz:


1 / 10

1. After trying various treatments, the patient was finally able to find a ______ for his illness.

2 / 10

2. After several months of treatment, the patient was _______ free of the disease.

3 / 10

3. Despite the surgeon's skill, there was a ______ during the operation.

4 / 10

4. The patient's blood pressure began to _______ after receiving the new medication.

5 / 10

5. The physician conducted a ______ to repair the damaged knee ligament.

6 / 10

6. The doctor had to ______ a medicine directly into the patient's vein to rapidly treat the infection.

7 / 10

7. During the surgery, the patient was under ______ to avoid any discomfort.

8 / 10

8. To combat the tumor, the surgeon decided to ______ a medical device.

9 / 10

9. The patient was ______ obese, causing many health problems.

10 / 10

10. After the operation, a ______ remained on the patient's skin.



Obesity is a global health issue that often requires comprehensive lifestyle changes to address effectively. For individuals struggling to lose weight through traditional methods, modern medicine has developed new procedures that can aid in this process.

One such procedure involves the use of a medically certified implant. This device is surgically placed into the body under general anaesthesia. This procedure, like any surgical intervention, carries a risk of complications. However, in the majority of cases, the benefits of the implant outweigh these risks.

The implant works in tandem with a special liquid that is injected into the body. Together, they augment the body’s natural metabolic processes, helping to curb excessive weight gain and promote weight loss.

Despite the invasiveness of the procedure, the scarring is minimal, and the recovery period is relatively quick.

After the procedure, individuals have been found to lose significant amounts of weight, with many being declared “certifiably cured” of their obesity. As a result, this new implant technology has become a beacon of hope for many who struggle with obesity, offering a potentially life-changing solution.

As with all medical interventions, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional to discuss the risks and benefits and determine whether it is the right choice for you.

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