400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL kitabından faydalanılarak oluşturduğumuz sekizinci kelime listesinde “Energy” bölümü için 10 kelime derlenmiştir:

  • 1- combustion

combustion (n): yanma, tutuşma
Natural gas is frequently combusted in gas turbines as well as boilers.
combust (v): yanmak, tutuşmak
combustible (adj): yanıcı, tutuşucu

  • 2- component

component (n): bileşen, parça
The factory supplies electrical components for cars.

  • 3- convey

convey (v): iletmek, taşımak, nakletmek
Pipes were laid to convey water to the house
conveyance (n): nakil, taşıma, taşıt
conveyor (n): konveyör, taşıyıcı, nakledici

  • 4- discretely

discretely (adv): ayrı ayrı, belirgin bir şekilde
The regions are discretely labeled with individual introductory texts.
discrete (adj): ayrık, ayrı, farklı

  • 5- nucleus

nucleus (n): çekirdek, nükleus, atom çekirdeği
DNA is stored in the nucleus of a cell.
nuclear (adj): hızlı, çabuk, tez

  • 6- permeate

permeate (v): geçmek, sızmak, sinmek
The smell of cigarettes permeated my clothes.
permeation (n): nüfuz etme, sızma, geçirme, sinme

  • 7- rotate

rotate (v): döndürmek, dönmek, dolandırmak
The wheel rotates around an axle.
rotation (n): rotasyon, dönme, dönüş

  • 8- solar

solar (adj): güneşle alakalı, solar
Nasa is searching for intelligent life forms in other solar systems.

  • 9- source

source (v): belirli bir kaynaktan bir şey almak
Where possible the produce used in our restaurant is sourced locally.
source (n): kaynak

  • 10- trigger

trigger (v): başlatmak, neden olmak, tetiklemek
The companies succeeded in closing the deal expeditiously.
trigger (n): deklanşör, tetik, başlatma, neden olma, tetikleme

Yukarıdaki kelimelerle alakalı pratik bir test çözmek için:


1 / 10

1. A sudden change in temperature can ______ a chemical reaction.

2 / 10

2. The ______ system consists of the Sun and all the bodies that orbit it, such as planets, asteroids, and comets.

3 / 10

3. The fragrance of the flowers seemed to ______ the entire room.

4 / 10

4. The Earth ______ on its axis approximately once every 24 hours.

5 / 10

5. The Sun, the primary ______ of energy for Earth, is a star located at the center of the solar system.

6 / 10

6. In a meeting, it's important to express your ideas ______ to avoid misunderstanding.

7 / 10

7. The conveyor belt is used to ______ items from one end of the factory to the other.

8 / 10

8. Every machine has different ______ that need to work together for the machine to function.

9 / 10

9. The car's engine works through a process of internal ______.

10 / 10

10. The ______ of a cell contains its genetic material and controls its activities.



The universe, an intricate assembly of celestial bodies, operates under a set of fundamental principles. Our Sun, a crucial component of the solar system, provides a perfect example of these principles in action.

The sun, as the nucleus of our solar system, emits a vast amount of energy which permeates throughout the planets, fundamentally shaping life on Earth. This energy source is triggered through a complex process called nuclear fusion, a type of combustion occurring at extreme temperatures and pressures within the sun’s core.

The process of nuclear fusion rotates around the conversion of hydrogen into helium. This reaction doesn’t happen discretely, but rather, it’s a constant, ongoing event. The energy produced in this process is immense, enough to sustain life on Earth and influence conditions on other planets in our solar system.

The energy, primarily conveyed in the form of light and heat, travels a vast distance from the sun to Earth. Despite this journey, the sun’s energy is so powerful that it can still provide the necessary warmth and light to drive our planet’s climate and ecological systems.

In essence, the sun’s role as the nucleus of our solar system, its nuclear fusion processes, and the continuous emission of energy beautifully illustrates the cosmic ballet happening above our heads every day. This intricate dance of celestial bodies, rotating in harmony and intricately interconnected, is a testament to the wonders of the universe.

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