400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL kitabından faydalanılarak oluşturduğumuz yedinci kelime listesinde “Computers” bölümü için 10 kelime derlenmiştir:

  • 1- circulate

circulate (v): dolaştırmak, yaymak, dolaşmak, deveran etmek
Hot water circulates through the heating system.
circulation (n): sirkülasyon, dolaşım, tiraj, devir, dağıtım, dolanım

  • 2- corrode

corrode (v): aşındırmak, yıpratmak, çürütmek, paslanmak
Rainwater corroded the metal pipes.
corrosion (n): korozyon, aşınma, paslanma, yıpranma, aşındırma, bozulma
corrosive (adj): aşındırıcı, çürütücü, yıpratıcı

  • 3- derive

derive (v): türetmek, çıkarmak, sağlamak, kaynaklanmak
The company derives all its money from foreign investments.
derivation (n): türetme, köken, türevini alma
derivative (adj): türetilmiş, ikincil

  • 4- detection

detection (n): bulma, keşif, buluş, tespit etme
The company has a very old-fashioned management structure.
detect (v): belirlemek, ortaya çıkarmak, tespit etmek
detectable (adj): algılanabilir, ortaya çıkarılabilir, keşfedilebilir

  • 5- expeditiously

expeditiously (adv): süratle
The companies succeeded in closing the deal expeditiously.
expedite (v): hızlandırmak, kolaylaştırmak, yollamak
expedition (n): sefer, sevk, çabukluk
expeditious (adj): hızlı, çabuk, tez

  • 6- implement

implement (v): yürürlülüğe koymak, uygulamak, yerine getirmek, sağlamak
The changes to the national health system will be implemented next year.
implement (n): alet, araç, yerine getirme, yapma, donanım
implementation (n): uygulama, yerine getirme

  • 7- innovative

innovative (adj): yenilikçi
New tax regulations for innovative companies have arrived.
innovation (n): yenilik, buluş, icat

  • 8- installation

installation (n): kurulum, montaj, tesisat, yerleştirme
You will receive a message confirming the correct installation of the program..
install (v): yüklemek, kurmak, yerleştirmek, monte etmek

  • 9- maintenance

maintenance (n): bakım, onarım, koruma
This course is designed to give drivers a grounding in car maintenance.
maintain (v): sürdürmek, korumak, sağlamak

  • 10- simulation

simulation (n): taklit, simülasyon, benzeşme
An imitation or representation
simulate (v): benzetmek, taklit etmek, benzerini yapmak
simulator (n): simülatör

Yukarıdaki kelimelerle alakalı pratik bir test çözmek için:


1 / 10

1. Pilots often train using flight ______ to recreate real-world scenarios safely.

2 / 10

2. Regular ______ is required to ensure the machine operates efficiently.

3 / 10

3. The ______ of the new software program was completed without any issues.

4 / 10

4. The company is always seeking ______ solutions to improve its products and services.

5 / 10

5. To tackle the issue, we need to ______ a new plan of action.

6 / 10

6. It's essential to handle urgent matters ______ to prevent further complications.

7 / 10

7. Early ______ of disease can significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment.

8 / 10

8. We ______ our energy from the food we consume.

9 / 10

9. Over time, water can ______ metal surfaces, leading to significant damage.

10 / 10

10. Blood ______ through the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells.



In the field of engineering and technology, innovative solutions are consistently being derived to enhance the performance, safety, and efficiency of systems. One such area of focus is the maintenance and improvement of infrastructure, particularly in the context of corrosion detection.

Corrosion, a natural process that converts refined metals into more chemically stable forms such as oxides, can cause significant structural damage over time. It’s crucial to circulate regular monitoring and implement preventative measures to avoid costly repairs and potential safety hazards.

To tackle this, engineers have been exploring the use of innovative simulation technologies. These simulations, made possible through advanced software, allow for the detection of corrosion even in its early stages. By accurately predicting where corrosion might occur, steps can be taken to address these issues before they escalate expeditiously.

Furthermore, the use of such technology has also facilitated more targeted maintenance practices. For example, if a simulation detects a particular area prone to corrosion, preventative solutions can be focused on that area. This can include the installation of anti-corrosion coatings or materials that can prevent or slow down the corrosion process.

These innovative methods are not only improving the way infrastructure is maintained but are also offering significant cost and time savings. By deriving insights from simulations and implementing targeted solutions, we can enhance the longevity of our infrastructure and ensure that potential problems are swiftly addressed. As we continue to innovate, these technologies will become an integral part of infrastructure maintenance strategies.

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